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Physical Rehab & Exercises Ocala, Florida

Rehabilitation exercises are commonly prescribed to patients suffering from back and neck pain. These exercises are designed to rehabilitate the soft tissues and enhance the muscles ability to stabilize and protect the spine from injury.

One of the keys to recovering from back and to avoid future recurrences, is to incorporate an effective exercise rehabilitation program. This program should include stretching, strengthening, and aerobic conditioning of the back and body.

There are three types of muscles that provide support for the spine:

  • Extensors (back and gluteal muscles), are used when standing, lifting and extending the back.

  • Flexors (abdominal and iliopsoas muscles), are used to bend and support the spine from the front flex the upper leg toward the body.

  • Rotators or Obliques (side muscles) are used to stabilize and rotate the spine and help maintain proper posture.

Many people do not get sufficient exercise in their daily activities need a supplemental exercise program to keep their strength and flexibility. Future episodes of back pain are less likely to occur if the back is strengthened along with a stretching routine.

There are two primary forms of exercise for strengthening that are used for back problems and in some circumstances, they may be combined.

McKenzie Exercises - McKenzie exercises are focused on extension positions of the spine to reduce pain generated from a collapsed disc space. For patients suffering from leg pain due to a herniated disc (sciatica), extension positions of the spine may help reduce the leg pain by "centralizing" the pain (moving the pain from the leg to the lower back).

Lumbar Stabilization Exercises - Lumbar stabilization exercise focus on finding the patient's "neutral" spine, that is, the position that allows the patient to feel most comfortable. The back muscles are then exercised to teach the spine how to stay in this position. Performing these exercises regularly exercises can help maintain back strength and posture.