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Treatment for your Pain and Injuries | Personal injury | Car Accident | Slip and Fall | Pain Management

Personalized Treatment for your Pain and Injuries

At Ocala Spine and Injury, our goal is to provide you with the best possible treatment for your injuries. We offer a number of conservative, non-surgical, treatment options for all accident injuries and work with surgical specialists for cases that require surgery. Our multi-specialty team approach allows for accurate and appropriate diagnosis and treatment, which allows injured patients to return to their highest possible level of functioning.

Our doctors provide personalized, patient-centered care to people of all ages with all types of pain and injuries, including whiplash, neck and low back pain, arm and leg pain due to spinal disorders (also called radiculopathy), neuropathy, cervical, thoracic and lumbar disc herniations, and traumatic injuries to the spine.

Determining your Treatment - To determine the best treatment plan for you, one of our doctors will take your medical history and perform a physical, orthopedic and neurologic examination. Different diagnostic tests may be ordered to confirm your diagnosis and locate the source of your pain. Once the diagnosis has been determined, the doctor will prescribe a course of treatment that is designed to be most beneficial for you.